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Recently I have had a number of computer infected and Windows damaged.  This article recounts how I removed the virus and repaired Windows XP Pro

  1. Uninstall Java
  2. Uninstall Anti-virus software
  3. Download, install and run TDDSKILLER
  4. Reboot
  5. Download, install and run MALWAREBYTES free version.  Make sure to run FULL scan
  6. Run Windows Update.  If Windows Update fails, you will need to reinstall Windows as an upgrade. If you reinstall Windows you will also have to reinstall IE 8
  7. After the upgrade, Windows Update will still fail.  You will then go to Microsoft Windows Update Fixit and run the program.  
  8. Next download and install your favorite Anti-virus.  Lately I have been using Windows Security Essentials.  That doesn't mean I won't change my mind to something else later.
  9. Run Windows Update one more time
  10. Re-install Java

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